Memorable Private Party Entertainment.

private party magician, I can provide an amazing experience that all of your family and friends will love.

I have years of experience performing at private parties throughout Southern usa. From intimate dinner parties to large celebrations, I have a show that will leave your guests talking!

The evening was super-successful, and everyone had a great time, including the host family! You are fantastic and I thank you always for making me look good and for creating that “wow” factor! You’re my go-to magician, and I can’t wait to work with you again.”

– Yvonne , Event Planner

Choose the Right Private Party Magician

Amazing Private Party Entertainment

When you hire me, you won’t get a corny kid show. This is high-class sleight-of-hand that appeals to audience of all ages. Your guests will be impressed!

Professional Image

I can perform in a suit & tie, and you’ll never have to worry about off-color humor or embarrassing situations.

Works in Any Venue

I’ve performed in private dining rooms, country clubs schools, and on chartered boats. I know how to tailor my performances to suit your unique venue and atmosphere.

Easy Set-up

Unlike other private party magicians, my magic is hassle-free. There’s no lighting, sound, or stage requirements. It couldn’t be easier!

Call Me today. (915)540-5322. George Diazo

He’s funny. He’s engaging. He’s fueled by non-stop energy. And George has the kind of dynamic personality that’s hard to ignore.

EPCC Magic Show

He’ll pickpocket your boss  and even read the minds of your co-workers.

I can add an element of fun and comedy to your conference, sales meeting, after-dinner show, awards banquet or other large event. Wrap your key messages into his stage show to create a gathering that’s not only enjoyable but enduringly memorable.

. It’s part comedy, part magic, and entirely entertaining.

  • An amazing humorous evening of sophisticated laughter, mind reading and magic
  • 100% pure mind-boggling clean fun
  • Hilarious well tested audience participation routines with key members of the party as well as the entire group
  • Visual Unique Stage Magic
  • Professional sound systemPre-planned music compliments the show and enhances the humor
  • Minimal set-up and technical requirements
  • Show is suitable for audiences of 10 to 1000