Adult Magic Show

Adult Magic Show has wide appeal that’s guaranteed to leave your guests talking!

Convert the most skeptical of audiences into true believers with this 45 minute long magical presentation for your dinner party or banquet.


Although called an “adult” show, none of George’s shows have crude or foul language. Watch as co-workers and attendee’s join me on stage personalizing the performance for your event.

Adult Magic shows that are designed to
stimulate the intellect, stir the
imagination and lift the spirit.

I provide everything required for the performance including a sound system for up to 300 Guest..

Magic Experience is one of highly entertaining live theater. This is the way magic was meant to be seen – It’s leagues beyond televised magic shows.

Close-up Magic

This is magic at its most real and most powerful! There is nothing like seeing the impossible happen right in front of you! Adding close-up magic to your event will leave a lasting impression on your guests. They will never forget where they were (at your event) the night they experienced Inspector Magic.