Anti-Bullying Assembly

El Paso Take on bullying in an exciting, new way!

One-of-a-kind anti-bullying & character building assembly program that has it all: an amazing presenter birds rabbit levitations Magic and Illusions.

A Truly Engaging Bully-Prevention Assembly!

Anti-Bullying Magic Show at your Elementary El Paso Texas.

A delicate balance between fun and engagement with important lessons and concepts. This is the assembly topic that I remain most passionate about because it happened to me so much. Fortunately, my “No Bully Zone” assembly program truly entertains kids at the same time as educating them! I use magic to illustrate my concepts:to talk about ‘I Messages,’ and at the end of the show, I FLOAT one student in the air to demonstrate the concept of courage!

Students see why engaging in bullying, or simply standing by when someone else is being bullied, is wrong and how it undermines the team to everyone’s detriment.
It’s guaranteed to have students talking about the experience for days to come.
Forty minutes long. $250 for one performance, $50 for each additional same-day performance.

El Paso Texas Stop Bullying In Schools and community.


The Magic Show helps students identify bullies and bullying behaviors and provides effective stragegies in coping and dealing with bullying.Through humorous roleplay involving several volunteers from the audience, I will help identify the four main types of bullies and associated bullying behaviors:

Physical Bullying – hitting, pushing and harmful physical contact

Verbal Bullying – name calling and teasing

Social or Relational Bullying – exclusion and leaving one out

Cyber Bullying – bullying behavior using technology, as in harmful texts or emails

Anti-bullying assembly ideas are designed to engage students and faculty in meaningful ways to prevent bullying

El Paso Schools

Five different bullying behaviors are identified and discussed
How to identify bullies
How working together lessons bullying
Don’t just be a bystander…how you can use the acronym H.E.R.O. and help others!
If you need it, ask for help from a trusted adult!
There is a heavy emphasis on the word RESPECT and DIVERSITY.

College, Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool

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I wanted this assembly program to be much more than just “hey kids, don’t bully!” Rather, I’ve worked very hard to give the students who attend this assembly a clear understanding of what constitutes bullying behavior, how to prevent it on their part, and perhaps most importantly, options of what they can do if they see bullying behavior or encounter it directly themselves.


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Types of Bullying

There are three types of bullying:
Verbal bullying is saying or writing mean things. Verbal bullying includes:
Inappropriate sexual comments
Threatening to cause harm
Social bullying, sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships. Social bullying includes:
Leaving someone out on purpose
Telling other children not to be friends with someone
Spreading rumors about someone
Embarrassing someone in public
Physical bullying involves hurting a person’s body or possessions. Physical bullying includes:
Taking or breaking someone’s things
Making mean or rude hand gestures

Assemblies gather students and faculty together to share information and to address important issues. Bullying is a topic worthy of such attention. These anti-bullying assembly ideas are designed to engage students and faculty in meaningful ways to prevent bullying.
Anti-Bullying Movie Day
Movies and documentaries are great educational tools. This assembly idea brings students together to view a film that deals with the topic of bullying.
Projection equipment
Appropriately licensed film for group viewing (some ideas include Mean Girls, Easy A, Bully, and so on).
Begin by explaining the reason for the assembly.
Provide a brief introduction for the film before playing it.
Have a question and answer session upon completion of the film to raise awareness about key points and clarify important concepts.
Bullied Guest Speakers Assembly
Many students may be apprehensive when it comes to speaking about their experiences with bullying. This assembly brings in speakers who were victimized by bullying to share their stories.
Projector (optional)
Instruct the audience of the delicate nature of the topic and ask for their maturity and attention during the presentation.
Introduce the speaker/s.
Allow the speaker/s to tell their story to the students and faculty.
Give adequate time after the presentations for students to ask questions and/or make comments.
Parents of Bullying Victims Assembly
Parents frequently deal with the emotional and even physical marks that bullying leaves on their children. This assembly idea gives them a chance to share their perspective with students and faculty.
Projector (optional)
Introduce the speaker/s and explain why they have been selected to speak to the group today.
Allow them to tell their stories of the bullying of their children.
Finish the assembly with an open forum for sharing takeaways and plans for prevention.
Former Bully Speaker Assembly
Bullying happens for many reasons. This assembly idea gives former bullies a chance to explain why they chose to bully others.
Projector (optional)
Begin by asking the group for their attention and consideration in the discussion of a hot topic.
Now introduce the speaker/s and explain why they are here to tell their side of the story.
Give each speaker adequate time to share their experiences with the students and faculty.
Finish by reviewing the ideas discussed as an effort toward spotting risk factors and preventing bullying in the future.
Role-Play Bullying Skits Assembly
Sometimes students learn best when given the chance to try out different scenarios. This anti-bullying assembly does just that.
Assorted skits demonstrating bullying scenarios and anti-bullying scenarios
Taking or breaking someone’s things
Making mean or rude hand gestures

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