George started as an entertainer when he was 16 years old. He began building his business by performing professionally in restaurants when he was 20. He would walk from table to table, performing for groups of people.
He went on to build entertaining shows to a point where companies like Plaza theatre, Western Playland, Wet-N-Wild, Mechies, Univision, Western PreCast, KinderCare, 2018 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors (Mike Brown), WellMed, AmeriCorps, Job Corps, Life Church, EPCC, NM Border Patrol, Dick Poe, Realty One, Ft. Bliss, Scottish Rite and several other companies were flying him all over the USA to perform.
Eventually, George was getting asked to speak at schools about anti-bullying and the Magic of reading mixing magic with a powerful message.
And instead of just getting on stage to speak, George would blow an audience away using magic and mind reading so they could be more engaged with the presentation.
George Diazo built his business in his 20s and started a magic store in El Paso, TX. He then went on to build an online Magic store and training other magicians.

Geroge Diazo



Mission Statement:
Entertain and Educate
by utilizing fun, visual magic.

Fundraising Company

In 2018 George opend up Magicial Fundrasing Company to help EPISD rasie money for the schools from Elementary to College campuses.

School Fundrasing


In 2018 George joined youtube community.

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Learn Magic

Learn the same type of magic tricks you’ve seen on TV!

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