Metal Bending

All the secrets fully explained behind several fantastic metal bending effects. All of them are easy to learn by watching a Video.

Every metal effect has method explained, step-by-step.

Watch and learn: Perfect Bend Spoon, Bending Fork, Bending Nail, Bending Coin, Impromptu Bending Spoon (2 methods), Twisting Spiral Spoon. You receive: -Instructional Download -Complete Perfect Bend Spoon’ Trick

Shock friends and family by taking spoon bending it with your mind. If you like the idea of using the power of your mind bend metal, inches from your spectator’s face, this is for you.

Everyone has heard stories of unique people who can bend metal through extreme concentration, but nobody seems to know for certain that it happens or if it?s possible…UNTIL THEY MEET YOU!

learn the most VISUAL metal bending routine in the world.

At the end the spectator is left with a KILLER SOUVENIR.

psychokinetic magic trick that gives you the power to bend metal with your mind! With this completely self-contained effect, you will reveal an ordinary looking metal fork to spectators held in the middle between your thumb and index fingertips. Concentrating intently on the fork, watch your audience’s amazement as the fork slowly bends backwards to a more than a 90° angle! Turn the fork around and it will straighten back to its original shape. Pass the fork around to let spectators examine the fork. fantastic trick for anyone from beginner performers to seasoned magicians, and is a great illusion for restaurant workers!

Appear to move an object with the power of your mind!

Imagine making an ordinary paperclip magically and mysteriously move by itself in your hand!

Be ready to do this amazing effect ANYTIME and ANY PLACE!

Magic with ordinary objects is absolutely stunning to a spectator. This is a real reputation maker!

Step by step instruction from George lets you perform this impressive trick right away!
It’s easy- once you know the secret!

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